CV – Dipankar Dasgupta

Revised on May 22, 2013

Name: Dipankar Dasgupta

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: August 15, 1944

Marital Status: Married

Nationality: Indian

Permanent Address and email: On request at Who’s Me


B.A. (Economics), University of Calcutta, 1963

M.A. (Economics), University of Calcutta, 1965

M.A. (Economics), University of Rochester (USA), 1970

Ph.D. (Economics), University of Rochester (USA), 1972


Title: On Optimal Economic Growth

Supervisors:  J.W. Friedman & L.W. McKenzie

Positions Held:

Assistant Lecturer, Department of Economics, University of Rochester, USA, 1969–71

Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, York University, Canada, 1971–72

Associate Professor, Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi & Calcutta, 1972– 82

Professor, Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi & Calcutta, from 1982 to 2006. Retired in August, 2006.

Professor, Department of Economics, Otaru University of Commerce, Otaru, Japan, (September 1, 1990—August 31, 1992. On leave from Indian Statistical Institute.)

Professor, Faculty of Economics, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan, 1998 (January 1, 1998—December 31, 1998. On leave from Indian Statistical Institute.)

Visiting Foreign Scholar, Institute of Social and Economic Research, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan (October 1, 2000 –March 31, 2001.On leave from Indian Statistical Institute.)

Visiting Professor, Research Institute for Economics and Business Management, Kobe University, Japan (September, 2004 —December, 2004. On leave from Indian Statistical Institute.)

Visiting Scholar, City University of Hong Kong, (July 23, 2006 — July 30, 2006. On leave from Indian Statistical Institute.)

Visiting Professor, City University of Hong Kong, (April 14, 2007 — May 12, 2007.)

Honorary Visiting Scholar at the Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta, September, 2006 — September, 2007 .

Guest Lecturer at Department of Economics, Presidency College, Kolkata, September, 2006 — September, 2007.

Adjunct Professor of Economics, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, January, 2010 — May, 2010. 

Teaching Interests:

Microeconomic Theory

International Trade Theory

Public Economics

General Equilibrium Theory

Macroeconomic Theory

Growth Theory

Dynamic Optimization Theory 

Current Research Interest:


Endogenous Growth Theory

Public Economics

Publications (Articles): 

I Growth Theory


On Generalized Consistency in a One Sector Model of Economic Growth, Sankhya, 1972

Catenary Turnpikes and Rolling Plans: Synthesis and Extensions, Indian Economic Journal, 1978

Growth vs Welfare in a Model of Nonrival Infrastructure, Journal of Development Economics, 1999

New Growth Theory: A Supply_Demand View in Contemporary Macroeconomics, ed. By Amitava Bose et al, Oxford University Press, 2001

Lindahl Prices, Nonrival Infrastructure and Endogenous Growth, Journal of Public Economic Theory, 2001

Government Spending in a Model of Endogenous Growth with Private and Public Capital, India Macroeconomics Annual, 2003-04

Government Taxation and Economic Growth for Models with Private and Public Inputs, in Trade, Finance and Development, ed. by Ajitava Raychaudhuri et al, Deep and Deep Publishers, New Delhi, 2004

Notes on  Optimal Control Theory for the Neoclassical Model of Growth, in Economic Theory and Public Policy, ed. by Sajal Lahiri et al, Oxford University Press, 2005

Public Infrastructure and Sustainable Growth in a Small Open Economy with and without Foreign Direct Investment, Arthabeekshan, 2004

Public Infrastructure, Employment and Sustainable Growth in a Small Open Economy With and Without Foreign Direct Investment, Journal of International Trade and Economic Development, Vol. 15, No. 3 , September, 2006 (with Koji Shimomura).

On the Relationship between the Number of Firms and the Endogenous Growth Rate for a Model with Public Infrastructure, Contemporary Issues and Ideas in Social Sciences, September, 2006 (with Subrata Guha and Koji Shimomura).

Growth and Development with Income and Wealth Distribution, in Mathematical Models in Economics, in Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS), edited by Wei-Bin Zhang, Developed under the Auspices of the UNESCO, Eolss Publishers, Oxford, UK, [] , 2006

Consumption, Quality of Life and Growth, Discussion Paper  ERU/2002-12 (with Sugata Marjit), India Macroeconomics Annual, 2010

Fixed Coefficients, Harrod, Domar and the AK models of Growth: Some Common Misconceptions Explored, Indian Growth and Development Review, Vol. 1, No. 1, 2008. 

Unpublished Articles:

Long-run Growth, Environment and Welfare, ISI (Delhi Centre) Discussion Paper No. 96-06 (Revised June 1999) (with Satya P. Das)

Distributive Politics and Choice in a Two Sector Model of Economic Growth, ISI (Delhi Centre) Discussion Paper No. 97-01 (with Debajyoti Chakrabarty)

Endogenous Growth with Accumulable Infrastructure: The Case of Free Infrastructural Services, June 1999, Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi Centre (with Kaniska Dam)

Consumption, Quality of Life and Growth, Discussion Paper  ERU/2002-12 (with Sugata Marjit), Revised June 2003.

II General Equilibrium Theory


Arrow and Hahn on General Equilibrium: Some Reactions,  Sankhya, 1972 (with Anjan Mukherji)

Temporary Competitive Equilibrium in a Monetary Economy with Uncertain Technology and Many Planning Periods,  Journal of Mathematical Economics, 1978 (with V.K. Chetty)

Efficiency of Temporary Equilibria,  Journal of Mathematical Economics, 1980 (with V.K. Chetty)

Choice under Disequilibrium: A Diagrammatic Approach,  Journal of Quantitative Economics, 1994 (with Meenakshi Rajeev)

A Note on Feasibility Criteria in Monetary Trade, Japanese Economic Review, 1997 (with Meenakshi Rajeev)

Unpublished Articles:

Is Trading under the Social Institution of Markets Always Desirable? 1995 (with Meenakshi Rajeev)

III Input-output Theory


A Note on Johansen’s Non-substitution Theorem and Malinvaud’s Decentralization Procedure,  Journal of Economic Theory, 1974

The Hawkins-Simon Theorem: An Input-Output Analytic Approach, Indian Economic Review, 1984

Using the Correct Economic Interpretation to Prove the Hawkins-Simon-Nikaido

Theorem: One More Note,  Journal of Macroeconomics, 1992

The Non-substitution Theorem with Joint Production, International Review of Economics and Business, 1992 (with Tapen Sinha)

Viability and Other Results for an Extended Input-Output System, Keio Economic Studies, 1992

Hawkins-Simon no  joken ni kan suru shosetsu no togo ni tsuite, shogaku tokyu, 1993 (Japanese)

IV Macroeconomics


Procurement Price, Market Price, Employment and Effective Demand, in  Studies the Macroeconomics of Developing Countries, edited by M.K. Rakshit, Oxford, 1989

Reflections on Administered Prices, in Economic Theory and Policy, edited by Bhaskar Dutta et al, Oxford, 1990

On the Influence of High Wages on the Rate of Private Investment: The Keynesian
Story, in  Essays in Economic Analysis and Policy, edited by Dipak Banerjee, 1991

Administered Prices and Deficit Financing: A Macro View, in  Development Policy and Economic Theory, edited by Kaushik Basu and Pulin Nayak, Oxford, 1992

Macroeconomics of Price Control, in Theoretical Issues in Development Economics, edited by Bhaskar Dutta et al, Oxford, 1993

Macroeconomics – A Historical Perspective, in Fundamentals of Economics, in Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS), edited by Mukul Majumdar, Developed under the Auspices of the UNESCO, Eolss Publishers, Oxford ,UK, [] , 2002

Unpublished Article:

The Analytics of Effective Demand: General Theory and its Modern Exponents, ISI (Calcutta) Technical Report No. ERU/6/85, 1985 

 V Public Economics


Comparative Statics for the Private Provision of Public Goods in a Conjectural Variations Model with Heterogeneous Agents, Public Finance, 1992 (with Jun-ichi Itaya)

Dynamics, Consistent Conjectures and Heterogeneous Agents in the Private Provision of Public Goods, Public Finance, 1995 (with Jun-ichi Itaya)

Voluntary Contribution to Public Goods: A Parable of Bad Samaritans, in  Issues in Economic Theory and Public Policy, edited by Amitava Bose et al, Oxford, 1997

Voluntary Contribution to Public Goods: A Note on Consistent Conjectures and Other Equilibria, Economic Journal of Hokkaido University, 1999

 vi Empirical Investigation

Growth and Inter-State Disparities in India: Statistical Analysis, Economic and Political Weekly, July 2000 (with Pradip Maiti, Robin Mukherjee, Subrata Sarkar and Subhendu Chakrabarti) 

Petroleum Pricing Policy: A Viable Alternative, Economic and Political Weekly, November 2012 (with Tushar Kanti Chatterejee)

Publications (Books):

I The Macroeconomy: A Textbook View, Oxford University Press, New Delhi, 1997

II Growth Theory: Solow and his Modern Exponents, Oxford University Press, New Delhi, 2005

III Modern Growth Theory, Oxford University Press, New Delhi, 2010

Ph.D supervision:

Meenakshi Rajeev: “Walrasian Theory without an Auctioneer: A Study of Monetary Exchange Through Trading Posts and a Diagrammatic View of Disequilibria”.

Candidate was awarded a Ph.D degree by the Indian Statistical Institute in 1994

Project Work:

1. The Nature of Price Movements in India, 1964–84

2. Pattern of India’s Foreign Trade during 1970-71 to 1983-84

3. Interregional Disparities and Growth in India, December 1997



International Economic Review


Journal of Public Economics

Journal of Quantitative Economics

Journal of Development Economics

Editorial Work:

Coeditor, Sankhya , Series B (1985–89)

Associate Editor, Journal of Quantitative Economics (1990–1994)

Associate Editor, Japanese Economic Review (2005 —2007)

Member, Board of Editors, Contemporary Issues and Ideas in Social Sciences (2004 —)

Special Qualification:

Familiarity with the Japanese language

Administrative Experience

Head, Delhi Centre, Indian Statistical Institute, July, 1997 — December, 1997 and January 1999 — July, 2000.

Acting Director, Indian Statistical Institute, three stretches each of 2 –3 months duration during 2003 — 2004.


1. Ronald W. Jones
Xerox Professor
Department of Economics
University of Rochester
Rochester, NY 14627, USA

2. James W. Friedman
Kenan Professor Emeritus
Department of Economics
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3305, USA


About dipankardasgupta

Dipankar Dasgupta received his early education in Calcutta (now called Kolkata), India and moved on to the University of Rochester, NY, USA, where he was awarded a PhD degree in Economics. He did most of his academic research and teaching in the Delhi and Kolkata campuses of the Indian Statistical Institute, from where he retired in August, 2006 as Professor of Economics. He has also taught and researched in visiting capacities as well as a regular faculty member in different universities in Canada, Hong Kong, Japan and the USA. His interests vary from Economic Theory to creative literature and vocal music. He writes stories, memoirs and poems in English and Bengali and sings semi-classical music, mostly in Bengali. He is also interested in foreign languages, Japanese being his favorite. He is deeply interested in writing and reading haiku, both in English and Japanese. Dipankar and his wife, Sankari, live in Kolkata, India.
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10 Responses to CV – Dipankar Dasgupta

  1. V.K.Chetty says:

    Hi Dipankar,
    You may be surprised to get this. Can you give me your email id? Your former student of General Equilibrium Theory, colleague and coauthor!

    • Dear Chetty,

      I was indeed surprised to see you here. More surprised to read that you were my student of General Equilibrium Theory! That was never the case.

      I hear great news about your son. Happy news, very happy news.

      I will send you my email address at yours.

      Best wishes.


  2. gcgupta says:

    hi dipankar,

    i was at isi delhi when you just joined it in 1972. please reply on my email id. the last i had to do with academia in economics was in 1980. i would not be surprised if you do not remember me.

    – ghanshyam

    • You have good reason I suppose in assuming that I don’t remember you. But I do. My long term memory is good. Happens with old age. Didn’t you ride a motor bike those days? Replied to your email address. What are you doing now?

  3. Surekha says:

    Hi DDG: Your book, your CV and a few of your smiling photos brought some beautiful memories of ISI. I have not been back to Calcutta in years but I cherish the time I spent there with Robin Babu, Dipankar Coondoo, ERU colleagues and you.
    What is news with you and your son?
    Regards, Surekha

  4. ashok sanjay guha says:



  5. Oindrila Dey says:

    Dear Prof. Dasgutpa,
    Could you please share your e-mail id. I wanted to contact you regarding an invited talk.
    Oindrila Dey

  6. Akhil Vohra says:

    Dear professor Dasgupta,

    I was a part of your class on intermediate macroeconomics last semester at Ashoka University. I wanted to speak to you about a research program that I plan on applying for. May I request for your email id.

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